Home Care - Without it, a child grows without hope & future
(Dependency: Parents *both*)


REQUIREMENTS: Caring Parents & MY CARE support

The life of a child starts at home with both parents available. The mother is the foundation and the father is the pillar that keeps the roof up. Often, when the father is out of the picture, is when the pillar is broken and the roof falls on all that reside in the house.

The aftermath of the broken pillar and the fallen roof, is a disaster that brings shock, confusion, hopeless, helpless and hunger to all who dwell.

There is no home care, basic needs and pillar, which forces youth to be hopeless and homeless.

MY CARE will act as pillar that keeps the roof up. Gives hope to kids/youth with motivation, consulting, gives vision of their future, provide short term and long term plans to help them reach their bright future.